Dr. Orlando Talks hCG

PT 1: Dr. Orlando Talks hCG

Dr. Orlando grew up locally in Harford county and attended Fallston High School. Coming from a family of Doctors she’s always had a passion for medicine. She then continued at Hood College in Frederick, MD and graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree with a focus in biology. She then continued to obtain her Chiropractor and Physical Therapy Degree at Northwestern Health Sciences University and graduated as a Maverick award winner.Currently Dr. Orlando has been working at Healthbridge Chiropractic for six years now.

Dr.Orlando has not only struggled with her weight, but also suffers with Lymes Disease and a Thyroid problem. Prior to doing the hCG program, Dr. Orlando had dropped a little over 20lbs and found herself plateauing. Since she began her journey at InShapeMD, not only has she lost and additional 40 lbs but finds her symptoms of Lymes almost completely gone! Dr.Orlando is excited to share her success on hCG and how it has forever changed her life.

Alli: How did you first hear about InShapeMD?

Dr. Orlando: I’m a chiropractor locally at Healthbridge in Belair, MD and we were doing a promotion between our two offices so that my patients could get B-12 injections at InShapeMD. So one day, we came to InShape for a lunch meeting to tour the office and you guys provided the most delicious sandwiches! So I was in the kitchen throwing away my bread, and Jess was like “What's up with that?” and I told her how I don’t eat bread. When she asked why, I proceeded to tell her because i’m fat and i need to lose weight! Jess then asked me what i’ve been doing to reach my goals, and we got to talking about the weight-loss program. She was super easy to talk to.

Alli: What was your first thought of the program?

Dr. Orlando: Well, lots of questions of course. She went over the basics, handed me a book and for the next week while I was at work and in-between patients, I studied every line of that book!I even took my highlighter and went through it about two times. I then went online to see what I could find and if their were any studies.

Alli: hCG has been very controversial even to this day. What did you find online?

Dr. Orlando: It seemed there were a lot of testimonials from people that had great success, and I had even asked some people in my life if they had heard of it. One of my friends had done hCG injections and she lives in Florida. She had great results, she had lost 45 pounds at the time we had talked last.

Alli: So you had never heard of hCG then?

Dr. Orlando: Not for weight-loss, no. I’ve heard it be used to treat other issues such as growth delays in children. I knew it was a pregnancy hormone but had never been familiar with it to be used for weight-loss at all. So I continued my research, printed everything out, and even had my partner review everything to get a second opinion.

Alli: Have you ever heard anything negative about taking hCG?

Dr.Orlando: People have asked me if there were any side effects while taking hCG or asking how it was in general. While following the 500 calorie protocol I was working, I remained active with my kids, and I did refrain from working out like the staff proposed. Other than minor headaches on days I was super active, I didn’t experience any notable side effects. When you look at the amount they’re giving you of hCG, it is hundreds of time less than what your body produces when a woman becomes pregnant. It's a very miniscule amount but just enough to get your body to metabolize the fat that's on its own self.

Alli: A lot of people think they can buy hCG off the shelves, what do you have to say about over the counter solutions?

Dr. Orlando: You should always do the research before taking anything you know little about. The problem with other vitamins, tablets and solutions there are little regulation about what goes in them. There's tons of binders and fillers that you're really just don’t know what you're getting.

Alli: Did you have any concerns starting the program?

Dr. Orlando: Well, I have a Thyroid problem and I have Lymes Disease. I had been killing myself at the gym 5-6 days a week, for 2-3 hours a day. I had lost a bunch of weight, about 20 lbs to be exact. I then I hit a plateau. I tried working with a nutritionist and trainer, and I was just stuck for a solid good 2 months. Nothing was working.

Alli: How long have you been diagnosed with Lymes disease and your Thyroid problem? How has that impacted your life?

Dr. Orlando: So, back in highschool I started to have odd pains in my joints around the age of 15. After many failed diagnosis from numerous doctors, I finally figured out what was wrong with me about 20 years later. With Lymes, there's not many good days. Most days my joints were swollen, my feet would hurt to walk, my hips would make it so difficult to sleep on either side so there was many sleepless nights. Over the years, the symptoms of Lymes would worsen. I would get stabbing pains in my chest, my joints and glands would get super swollen to the point my hands would claw up and I would have to loosen them up myself. I started to feel like I was crazy because doctors couldn’t diagnose the problem.

Alli: Twenty years for a diagnosis? That is crazy. How did you finally get your answer?

Dr.Orlando: Well, in college I began to unisplicitably gain weight. No matter how active I was, even competing in swim competitions with North Baltimore Athletic Club I still was gaining weight. So with all my joint pain history, they had totally ruled out a Thyroid problem. I took it upon myself to do the research and I turned out to be right! In a couple weeks I was on thyroid medication and that's a whole other ball game. Your Thyroid constantly changes so you constantly have to update your medication and be monitored. At this point I had so much built up anger against doctors and being treated.

Alli: I don’t blame you! I can’t imagine the frustration!

Dr.Orlando: It was really hard to deal with at the time. I literally thought I was going crazy. I even saw a psychiatrist and just wanted her to send me away and tell me it's all in my head! When I say it was so painful I couldn’t walk, keeping in mind I had all three of my children natural childbirth no problem, but Lymes disease? Even with my high pain tolerance there was days I literally just had to lay on the floor next to my children to pat them on the back because I physically couldn’t pick them up out of their crib. Now that's a whole other type of pain.

Alli: With all these fail diagnosis, is this what encouraged to you join the Medical field?

Dr.Orlando: When I was a freshman in College, I had fractured my spine in three places and my skull white water rafting. Because of that, I would have horrible headaches and back pain. I had seen so many specialists at the time in Baltimore, Hopkins, New York, and Boston and they all told me I would never be able to have children, lift more than 10lbs, and that i’ll basically be on meds for the rest of my life. I wasn’t ok with those answers. At that point I tried everything. Acupuncture, Personal Therapy, massage therapy, and even went to an energy healer. Nothing worked. Eventually, my college roommate practically tricked me to see a Chiropractor. Tells me “Let's get pizza” when we really pulled up to this tiny office! She tricked me.. but I was glad I did. Going in I was super skeptical, but at that point I would have done anything to rid of my back pain. After having him adjust me for 4 weeks, my back pain was almost completely gone! My passion for chiropractic began there.

Alli: That's one back story! I can’t even imagine. So, with all these issues, you could say you’ve struggled with your weight for as long as you can remember?

Dr. Orlando: Since highschool it was all down hill. But with Lymes disease, when you have this pain that it's so hard to just walk, and uses up your energy on simply trying to manage your day. Since they only discovered my Lymes about 7 years ago, there was a lot of chronic nerve damage and other complications that came with it. It was difficult to work out, exercise, or motivate myself when I was constantly in pain.

Alli: So would you say you still suffer through this pain everyday?

Dr. Orlando: It’s been a lot better since doing hCG, actually significantly better. I had two weeks during my first and second weight-loss cycle where I had no pain associated with my Lymes at all!

Alli: That's incredible. What do you think it is in the hCG that gives you this pain relief?

Dr.Orlando: It’s not studied or researched enough to say exactly, but my guess is it is an inflammatory response that my body is having. Typically, people who have Lymes disease, have a high inflammatory response are sensitive to a lot of random things. I have tons of allergies! It has to be somehow managing the inflammatory response, but I can’t say specifically how.

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