Bradlee's Update Weight-loss Journey

Bradlee Gibson is InShape's newest patient! Bradlee was born and raised in Edgewood, Maryland but currently lives in Bel Air, Maryland. "Much like the average person I’ve had my ups and downs in life, but I’m an Ace Certified Personal Trainer who aspires to own my own facility someday where I can help others accomplish their goals much like I have". Bradlee has always been into sports and fitness but has always overweight. " At my heaviest I was hovering around 340lbs and I saw a picture of myself and decided I needed a change. So, through this and a series of mini-blogs im inviting you to take part of the biggest and most life changing journey I have ever set out on.."

Follow Bradlee week by week as he documents his struggles and triumphs while participates on the hCG weight-loss program for 8 weeks. If you have struggles or concearns with your weight, or need a jump start to reach those summer goals, contact InShapeMD of Bel Air today to schedule your free consultation! 410-569-3030

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