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Literally, we can tailor a program based off YOUR goals, needs and wants. Kristen has years of experience building nutrition and fitness plans based off your individuality. She can work around any chronic illness, aversions to food, allergies and physical capabilities. She also offers a wide variety of general plans for those who just need a nudge to get back on track. Feel free to set up a consultation today or contact her directly!

Kristen has her Bachelors in Nutrition as well as certifications in personal training, weight loss management, group exercise and some sub specialties. She is a mother and a woman who struggled with eating disorders as well as poor body image for years. She has a heart for people and a passion for this practice.


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  • Our Friendly and Supportive Staff Make You Feel Right At Home
  • Our Convenient Hours Help You Work Around Your Busy Schedule
  • We Provide Flexible Payment Plans To Work Around Your Budget
  • Our Continuing Support Programs And Counselling Help You Not Only Reach Your Goals But Maintain Them As Well