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Providing Weight Loss & Anti-Aging Treatments in Bel Air

InShapeMD offers a successful and effective Ant-Aging and medically supervised weight loss programs in our community. At InShapeMD our passion is "helping you manage your health" with a comprehensive plan addressing your personal health goals…whether they be weight loss, anti-aging or nutrition in a professional, medically supervised, boutique wellness clinic setting. With your complete wellness in mind, we provide you with the proper tools and support to transform your health and your life.

We have physician supervised medical weight loss program for each individual. Whether you want to lose a few inches of fat or lose a few pounds, we will guide you in your journey to reach your weight loss goals.

Deciding to look into the option of medical weight loss is a wise choice. Whether you have tried many other options or this is the beginning of your journey, we believe we may be able to help you. At InShapeMD, we work closely with you to create a comprehensive plan that takes into account your individualized weight loss goals, concerns, and obstacles such as medications, hormonal imbalances, and metabolism. We may include Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) as a recommendation in your plan to ensure all of your health concerns are covered.

Support and Accountability - Our Licensed and friendly medical staff gives you the encouragement support and guidance to help you stay on track or get back on track and reach your weight loss goals. You are seen privately once a week, no groups.

What you can expect from InShapeMD of Bel Air:

  • Safe, affordable, and proven programs
  • Friendly customer-oriented staff dedicated to your weight loss management
  • Increased metabolism.
  • No special foods or drinks to buy.
  • Real food, real results!
  • Experience you can trust.
  • Success you can measure!
  • Individualized and comprehensive care designed to help you shed pounds,
  • A custom-tailored nutritional plan designed to help you burn fat and curb cravings,
  • Amazing new techniques that train your body to drop fat and enjoy healthy eating,
  • Weekly monitoring of your weight loss to help you reach your ideal weight,
  • And much more!

Our weight loss program can help you lose weight quickly and safely, but it doesn't stop there. We care about educating you about lifestyle changes so that you can permanently keep off the weight you lose and stay as healthy as possible in the future. Call InShapeMD today at 410-569-3030 to learn more about our personalized weight loss programs!

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  • Our Friendly and Supportive Staff Make You Feel Right At Home
  • Our Convenient Hours Help You Work Around Your Busy Schedule
  • We Provide Flexible Payment Plans To Work Around Your Budget
  • Our Continuing Support Programs And Counselling Help You Not Only Reach Your Goals But Maintain Them As Well