This weight loss program is ideal for...

Patients looking for an alternative to prescription weight loss programs

Patients who want a reduced-calorie meal plan along with pharmaceutical-grade supplements

lan includes the following:

  • Initial consultation
  • 7-day liver detox
  • 5 follow-up visits for weigh-in (Body Composition Analysis) and dietary analysis
  • 30-day supply of natural Burn & Boost Weight Management Tablets
  • 30-day supply of Burn & Boost Protein Plus supplement
  • 30-day supply of Energy Boost (B12)
  • 30 days of Burn & Boost therapy (L-Carnitine and Methylcobalomin)*
  • Food guide and a calorie plan

*L-Carnitine is an amino acid which helps pull stored fat into the part of our cells that actually burns fat for energy. Methylcobalomin is the natural form of B-12. Most patients feel more of an energy boost from this form of B-12 instead of what's commonly used in B-12 shots-Cyanocobalomin.

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