Testosterone Therapy for Men in Bel Air

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Low T Treatment Options

Returning your T levels to normal
There are several different treatment options available for men with low levels of the hormone testosterone. If you have the symptoms of Low T and tests have shown you have a low testosterone level, your doctor may suggest treatment. Which Low T treatment depends on what you and your doctor decide is appropriate.

What testosterone replacement therapy options are available?

FDA approved treatment options include:

  • Gels and Solutions-Testosterone gels and solutions are applied daily. The testosterone in the gel or solution is absorbed into the body through the skin.
  • Patches-Patches allow testosterone to be absorbed by the skin. Patches are applied daily.
  • Injections- Testosterone injections, usually in the upper buttock, are typically given every 1-2 weeks by your doctor.
  • Buccal Tablet- In your mouth, the tablet is applied to the gum, where testosterone is absorbed over a 12-hour period. They are taken twice daily.
  • Pellets- Pellets are placed under the skin near the hip by a doctor during a surgical procedure.

Each of these treatment options can help men with Low T achieve adequate levels of hormone replacement. Only your doctor can decide if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you.

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